"At Age 50 With A Wife And 3 Young Kids, I Was More Than Broke With A Debt Exceeding $300,000. But The Dreamhacker VIP System Changed It All For Me"

​I hate selling, I hate marketing, I hate convincing people to buy from me. The Dreamhacker VIP System allows me to skip all of that and just to do what I loved most – sit back and generate passive income month after month FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS!

​At age 50 I had to start my life all over again. I was $300,000 in debt and had to find a quick way to turn everything around to provide for my family and ​settle my debt.

​Change Can Happen In An Instant, It Is The DECISION To Change That Takes A Long, Long, Long…Time!.

​Dear friend,

​​Now at 65 I am an Internet marketer, Network marketer, Author, Trainer and Mentor. Most of all I am healthy and financially free! I live a life where everyday is a Sunday FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS! ​Hey, in short, I am a Golden Age Warrior!

I believe that CHANGE can happen in an instant and it is the decision to change that takes a long time. Let me tell you how I changed my smoking habit. More than 30 years ago I was a smoker. One day at home I was smoking in front of my wife and kids. Suddenly I was interrupted by my wife, who in her anger said, ‘I do not care if you smoke, but do you know that you are smoking in front of your kids. They are inhaling second hand smoke from you.’ I was shocked at that moment and realized that what she said was the truth. I sat there for a few second stunned and then make a committed decision to quit smoking for the sake of my children whom I dearly love. As a result of that committed decision I have not touched a cigarette for more than 30 years now.

I believe that many of you are like me looking to improve your lives.

1. Are retired or about to retire? It does not matter if you are still young! Remember that I was young too many years ago and time really flies. In fact time waits for no one!

2. You are seeking for good health, with time and financial freedom?

3. You desire to live a life of abundance and contribution and being able to help and mentor others who are still struggling?

I have bad news and good news for you. The good news is that you can change and have all the above in a short period of time. The bad news is that you can remain where you currently are and live the life of struggle if you choose to do nothing!


​My name is Richard Quek and I am from the sunny country of Malaysia. At the time of this writing I am 65 years young. I am a Golden Age Warrior! I know I am a baby boomer and unlike most baby boomers I am still healthy and active. In fact I have knowledge and can do things even the millennials are not able to. I am well versed in Internet marketing and can handle most of the technical stuffs, like creating my own websites and blogs, installing scripts, using plugins and themes, setting up autoresponders, using facebook messenger bots, using social media and other stuff. I can even create my own videos and drive traffic to my sites and videos. ​
Oh, by the way this website is created by me personally, including the copywriting and the funnel.

​In fact I have authored more than 10 books on the subject of Personal development, Internet marketing and Network marketing. I conduct training and seminars on a regular basis.

I am also a successful leader in a Network marketing company from the United States. I have been with the company for more than 15 years, although I have more than 25 year experience in Network marketing.

​I am telling you this, not to brag but to impress upon you that age is no barrier to improving yourself. I believe that age is only a number. You decide how young or active you desire to be. It’s all in the mind! You can decide today to change. It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped.

Okay, let me share with you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in a small village in Kelantan, called Tumpat. My father worked in a bank and my mother ran a small sundry shop. We are not rich but have what we need.

​I went to UK to do my studies. I went into article-ship as a Chartered Accountant. I worked  as an Article clerk to earn the money to support myself. I was in the UK for 8 years. After the 8 years, I decided to return to Malaysia. However, I have one mission in life. I am not going to work for others. I do not have to tell you the reason why as I am sure you know the reason.

So when I return to Malaysia, I started my own Accounting practice. I was born and raised in the state of Kelantan but moved south to the state of Terengganu to open my practice. This was in the early eighties when Petronas (petroleum company) just started in Terengganu. So like most people having the herd mentality, I moved to Terengganu to started my practice. I literally started from zero based without any client. It was not easy but I persisted.

​I had some success there in Terengganu. I was the President of The Lions Club, the Treasurer of the Royal Golf Club, the Secretary of the Malaysia Institute Of Accountants(East Coast branch). Believe it or not I once played squash for the state of Terengganu.

One day I told my wife, Nancy that we had been living too long in Terengganu and there is not much further we could do. So we make a decision to move to Selangor in 2001. I managed to sell off the practice to another accountant and so the decision to move was final. We finally moved on 1st April 2001. I think it is more interesting to move on April fools day!

However, the decision to move came with 2 major problems.

Firstly, I have clients owing me for my fees amounting to more than $300,000. I have to make a decision to forego collecting the fees because I realized that when I move, none of the clients are going to pay me.

This is the reason I strongly believe that in order to move forward in life you have to let go of the past. If you dwell on the past, it will pull you down. So my friend let the dead bury the dead!

The second bigger problem is I owed more than $300,000 to financial institutions due to heavy losses in the stock market. This on the other hand need to be repaid.

So when we move to Selangor we were more than broke with more than $300,000 debt to repay. What makes matter worse is when I moved I did not have any source of income. Neither do I have any job or business to generate income. In fact the truth is that we moved by faith. Can you imagine if you are in a similar situation?

We were not able to send our children to tuition classes or other classes. Every day we eat home cooked food at home. We know that our children suffered as they are not able to enjoy the fast food like other children.

I remembered on countless nights that Nancy was not able to sleep due to the stress. All she could do was pray for things to change. I am grateful to her for sticking out with me through those tough times.

Many years ago I identified a major trend called the Internet. I was fascinated and began studying on how to use the Internet to do business. At that time I recalled many people telling me that the Internet is just a fad and will not last. It will come and go like many other trends. However, how wrong they were!

​In order to make ends meet, I started giving Internet marketing seminars every 4 months. This was a temporary move as it was not easy. I have to spend time and money to conduct previews to bring participants to the main seminar(2 1/2 day). I even travelled to Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Seriously, I told Nancy that I will not be able to do this for the long term.

As the saying goes, ‘when the student is ready, the master will appear’. I was ready and in 2004, I got a call from my friend from Australia. Michael Ng is a Malaysian who had migrated to Australia. He told me about a Network marketing program that was about to open market in Malaysia.

As a good friend, I provided him with my credit card details and he registered me into the business. Initially I was just a product user as the company was not opened in Malaysia and Singapore. He put me on auto-ship and every month 2 bottles of the product arrived to my house. My wife Nancy was not happy about it as we were still in bad financial situation. On many occasions we quarreled about the issue.

One day my enrolled asked me if I wanted to do it as a business. I asked him when is the company opening in Malaysia? He told me he does not know. I told him, how can I talk to people when we do not know when the company will be opening in Malaysia? We cannot work on uncertainties.

Then in April 2004, the company opened office in Singapore. I believe that Malaysia will soon be next. When I was in Singapore doing my Internet marketing preview I met up with one of my upline leader Indra, from Australia. He provided me with additional information and told me that he will be traveling to Malaysia to conduct some meetings. I took the opportunity to ask him to conduct a meeting for me, which he agreed. Oh yes when I was in the Singapore office he introduced me to the General manager of the company. The general manager shoke my hand and then just walked away. Well who was I at that moment? At that moment in time I make a decision that I am going to be successful and he will know me personally. One of the principles I hold dearly is this, ‘success is the greatest revenge’.

On the day when my upline leader came to assist me, I invited a handful of people. Know what? Only three turned up. Nancy was not interested as she is burnt out with Network marketing as a result of previous involvement with another company. She stood at the back of the room and not paying much attention. However after the presentation, she told me that this is the company we have been waiting for! That’s what we call ‘woman intuition’. After that she became my official partner and work together with me to build the business. By the way out of the three prospects, two signed up but they are no longer in the business. That was our humble beginning!

Was it easy? Not really and here are some challenges we faced:

1. The company has not open office in Malaysia. When we spoke to prospects, we have to tell them the company will be opening soon! When they asked about the products, we tell them that we will go to Singapore to submit the registration form and collect the products back. Guess what? We literally had to smuggle the products into Malaysia. I believe that success is built on inconvenience and I was willing to take the inconvenience for success. Guess what? I was caught twice by the custom of Malaysia. However, I will not get into the details here!

2. My enroller is in Australia and I have to take up leadership from day one. All he provided us was an old power point presentation. With that Nancy did the presentation and I did the closing. Nancy did the presentation of the power point without knowing much about the company, products and compensation plan. All she did was read from the slides. However, the more she did the presentation, the more she began to understand. Many prospects rejected us but some did join us because of our enthusiasm.

​3. I was still conducting my Internet marketing seminar and cannot devote all my time to the business. However, within a few months of doing the business, I decided to stop the seminar business and concentrate full time on my Network marketing business.

However with persistency and massive action we moved up a few ranks in 10 months. We achieved our time and financial freedom in just 10 months.

So what actually moved us?

​1. We were desperate due to our adverse financial situation. We were moved not by inspiration, but by desperation.

2. When our kids were much younger, we promised to bring them for holidays to Disneyland. It is bad to lie to others but lying to your own children is a sin and know that kids do not forget. Within one year of joining the Network marketing company, we managed to fulfill our promise to our children. We brought them to Disneyland and Universal Studio in the US.

3. The encounter with the general manager of the company in Singapore was a turning point for me personally. After our success he works with us personally.

I strongly believe that in order to achieve success you need to do whatever it takes. The truth is that we can have anything we desire provided we do not violate Universal Laws and the Laws of God; and the rights of other human beings.

We were desperate for success. So we did presentations after presentations and we travelled to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and India. In fact in the first 10 months we personally enrolled more than 80 distributors.

Our plan was simple: Show the plan, show the plan and show the plan!

​In spite of our success, we faced many challenges and obstacles. One of our major set-back was when a few of our top leaders decided to leave us to do things on their own. They were still in our team but they decided to start their own team and do things on their own. These were leaders whom we trained and worked together for more than 10 years. Did it affect our business? Yes of course! Did it deter us from moving ahead? Not in a million years, as we reorganized our existing team and started looking for new leaders. We learnt from our mistake and know that everything happened for a reason.

​As a result of this incident we became more creative and started our Dreamhacker team and our new System. As a result of this challenge, we become stronger and more creative. We have a new team of leaders and created many new ways of doing things with our new system. This give birth to our Dreamhacker Franchise System and new ways of doing Network marketing using the Internet, Social Media and technologies.

So far here are some of the things we achieved through our Network marketing business:

1. At 65 years old I am still healthy and full of energy and enthusiasm. This is the result of taking our company’s products for the past 15 years and having a positive mind-set.

2. We live a debt free lifestyle where every day is Sunday. We wake up not to the sound of the alarm clock but when we open our eyes.

3. We live in a seven bedroom house with a nice kitchen designed by Nancy.

4. We have five cars parked at home including a BMW 5 series. By the way this is our second BMW 5 series.

5. We spend most of our time at home doing what we love. We go out for expensive dinners and movies with our children on a regular basis.

6. We provided the best education for our three children. We have two boys and one girl. The two boys are 33 and 30 years old. The youngest is a daughter who is now 27 years old. We managed to send our eldest boy to further his education in the United States.

7. Today we are proud to have two of our children doing the Network marketing business together with us.
8. We use our credit cards a lot. However, the difference between us and most people is that our credit card balance goes back to zero at the end of every month.

​Our Family photo

​​In front of our house

​​With my BMW 5 ​Series

​At Universal Studio with family

​At San Francisco

​At Bahamas

​I am telling you my story not to be boastful, but to impress upon you that I am a 65 year old baby boomer and is a role model to many baby boomers and those generation Y and X. I strongly believe that whatever you do, in order to succeed, you need to have the health, the right mind-set and skills.
The truth is that 65% of the people cannot sleep at night because of two main reasons. They are MONEY and HEALTH. With the right mind-set, vehicle and mentorship anyone can be successful.

There are some facts for you to consider if you are a baby boomer.

1. Statistics show that if a person retires and do not keep themselves active mentally and physically, they usually pass away within seven years of inactivity. So it is important to have goals and keep yourselves active.

2. Due to the advancement of medical science, a person can live a longer life exceeding 90 years.

Imagine that you are now 60 year old. This mean you still have 30 years to live. The question is how are you going to live if you do not have a large amount of savings or passive income? Previously people depended on their children to support them especially in Asian society. However the truth is that many of the children are also struggling to make ends meet.

Hey you may be saying these at the moment…

1. I am too old or too young. As I mentioned age is only a number. It is your mind-set that is crucial to your success. I am 65 and a golden age warrior. I believe strongly that you can do it too.

2. I do not have the skill or experience. In fact that is your advantage as you do not have old baggage to carry. Many who have experience in Network marketing or other kind of business are not teachable. Your cup is empty and can easily be filled.
Not to worry as we will mentor you and provide you with our educational system.

3. I do not have the time. Many successful Network marketers started on a part time basis and worked their way to a full time status. Furthermore with our System you can leverage on your time.

4. I do not have the money to get started. I believe that there is never a money problem but a mind-set problem. I know of successful people who come from very poor family. Their back-ground do not determine their level of success. To add to that, it does not cost much to start a Network marketing business.

So what is the solution? You have to find a way to generate passive income when you are still healthy and active so that you can still have a great life during your golden years.

Have you seen the movie the Matrix? In one of the scene Morpheus offered Neal the choice of taking two pills – the blue and red pill.

​So I am offering you the same choice here. If you decide to take the blue pill, you’ll wake up to the same world you are currently in. Everything remains the same – you are stuck with your lousy job or business, caught in the traffic jam every day and have the same group of people in your life.

However if you decide to take the red pill, you’ll wake up to a world fill with excitement and progress. You’ll have a higher level of vibration and attract abundance and success into your life. Most of all you’ll create a new environment that will propel you to success.

So my friend what do you choose? Do you want to stay where you are or create new excitement and success. I am sure you are aware that Insanity is doing the same thing day in and day out but expecting different result, which will never happen.
I want you to imagine and feel what it would be like if you achieve your dreams within the next 12 months. This can be a reality if you decide to take the red pill and decide to work with us.

I would love to work with you and be your mentor in becoming a Golden Age Warrior if you will allow me to do so. If you still have BIG dreams please click on the button below…

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